Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Tale of Two Brothers

This is the story of two brothers, one very industrious and committed to his studies and achieving his dream of being a successful business man.  Let’s call him William.  Ever since William was able to push a lawn mower, he worked.  He mowed lawns during the summer and on the weekends during the school year.   He had a newspaper route and each morning he would wake very early, get dressed for school, and before going to school he would deliver his papers.  He studied hard and worked hard.  His hard work paid off in making him a straight “A” student, and he saved enough money to start a small janitorial company.  William ran his company while attending college, but upon graduation he pursued his dream of working on Wall Street, where after years of laboring he started a small consulting company that he grew into one of the most successful companies on Wall Street.  As a result of his success Williams was able to channel much of his earning into charitable organizations, where he helped the poor and the hungry.  William wanted to make his mark on society and to make a positive impact on the world!

The other brother, Richard, was content to sit at home, playing video games and hanging out with his friends.  He had no drive or initiative.  William tried unsuccessfully to get his brother to work with him, but Richard thought sleep and video games were his occupation.  You see, William and Richard came from a very well-to-do family and Richard relied on the support of his parents to take care of him.  He had a big nice room with all of the modern technology and comforts a young man could want.   After all he was their son, he felt entitled to everything he wanted to make him happy.  He thought it would be foolish to go to work for minimum wage, when he had everything he thought he needed and wanted being provided by his parents.  In fact he would laugh at William for getting up early and working late, when all he needed to do was let their parents know what he wanted and it would be provided.  Richard continued to live with his parents until well into his forties.  With no marketable skills or desire to work, Richard was destined to always be supported by his parents and living at home.

There are so many people today, like William who just want the opportunity to work.  They want an opportunity to make a difference in their community. They will do whatever it takes to provide for their family.  
However, there are many like Richard who are content just waiting for that check in the mail.  They have no problem taking free money and services.  They act out of hopelessness.  With little or no drive, they will always expect to be cared for.  William never gave up on his brother, but he believed that in order for Richard to achieve any level of success, he would have to want it bad enough to work hard and long to achieve independence and self-reliance.  Unfortunately, he did not want it.

If you are out of work, have you lost your drive or are you passionate about finding the opportunities out there, or making some opportunities of your own?  Whether mowing lawns or tossing newspapers, hard work and perseverance will prevail.   Don’t give up the fight, you have what it takes to achieve greatness!